Touching the Earth

 The Power of Our Inner Light to Transform the World

Touching the EarthIn this new collection of Dharma talks, Seon Master Daehaeng
shows us everything is a part of ourselves–nothing is separate.
Inherently, all life and things form a single interconnected,
flowing whole. As such, everyone is open to the whole of this
energy. Thus, spiritual practice starts by entrusting the stuff of
our daily life to this connection, which we sometimes call one
mind. In relying upon and returning to this place where we are
all connected, we can take care of ourselves, our family, and
even the world.

130 x 190mm I p 172 I Paperback I US $16.95 I 978-89-91857-34-6(03220)
(Forthcoming – November, 2014)
[Also availiable in bilingual Korean-English editions]

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