My Heart is a Golden Buddha

 eng_My heart웹페이지 작업MY HEART IS A GOLDEN BUDDHA
Buddhist Stories from Korea

A collection of inspiration and wisdom, seen through the tales of housewives and kings, bandits and monks, and the deep mountains of Korea.

In these thirty-three stories, one of Korea’s foremost Seon(Zen) Masters shows us our inherent potential and teaches us how to live with dignity and courage in any circumstances. Appealing to both children and adults, these stories are drawn from the rich Buddhist tradition of Korea and reveal the unseen dimensions of our lives while showing us how to become true human beings. (DRM free)

128 x 188mm | p 216 | Paperback | US $16.95 | 978-89-91857-24-7 (03220)
[Also available in German, Korean, Chinese, and Indonesian editions]

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & NobleiTunesKobo

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