A Thousand Hands of Compassion

The Chant of Korean Spirituality and Enlightenment

Winner of the 2010 iF Design Award

Chanted every day in Buddhist temples throughout
Korea, A Thousand Hands of Compassion
integrates all the major aspects of Korean Buddhist
thought. Popular with monastics and lay people
alike, variations have been recited in Korea for the
past 1,300 years. It describes the path of spiritual
practice, integrating non-duality, mantras, the
desire to save all beings, repentance, and taking
refuge. Its truths echo deep within us and arise in
our daily life to help guide us. The illustrations by
one of Korea’s foremost modern artists, Hyo Rim,
contain the fragrance of deep meditation, and will  touch readers of all backgrounds.



225 x 175mm I P130 I Hardcover I US $19.95 | 978-89-91857-13-1(03810)
[Also available in a German-Korean edition]

Available from: Seoul Selection

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