Wake Up and Laugh

Wake Up_WisdomDharma Talks by Korean Seon Master Daehaeng

The compassion, humor, and practical wisdom of one of Korea’s
foremost Seon(Zen) Masters shines throughout this collection
of five Dharma talks. Holding her hand out to us, Seon Master
Daehaeng reveals how everything in daily life, even the ugly and
difficult, can become the fuel for our spiritual growth. With every
page she leads us back towards the source that can truly guide
us, that can truly help us: our own inherent Buddha essence.
Find this. Discover this. Know the hope,
joy, and selflessness of awakening!

128 x 188mm I p 224 I Paperback I US $16.95 I 978-89-91857-23-0 (03220)
[Also available in German and Korean editions]

Available from: Wisdom PublicationsAmazonBarnes & NobleiTunesKobo

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